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Welcome to Beacon Candlelite Wedding for new Brides. Young or old. Where we like to start you off with healthy living ideas. Not 50 years down the road. But right at the beginning of your lives together.

So you will find ideas concerning your new wedded life. Such as Tips for:

Be the Change in Your World
  • healthy living, 
  • best quality candles, 
  • healthy wedding ideas, 
  • intimate attire, 
  • amazing trips to plan, 
  • and all in fairy tale wedding style.
Your Better than ever Life ..It's never too late to live happily ever after ..

Your Intimate Beacon Candlelite Wedding ...

Healthy Wedding Tip: Because Your Future Home Life Matters

When everything you do matters to you all the time. Time is of the essence that you change some habits now. Especially when adding influential items to your lifestyle.  

always begin with the candles you plan to burn for best air quality in your wedding ceremony ...

Your wedding tapers or votives or other designs do not have to pollute. Make them your best asset ever.

Even though you want an intimate wedding.. We know being aware of your living environment needs to be a top priority at all times these days. It's a hot topic for most people aspiring to change their lives for the better.

In all you do today even before you say your "I do's". Couples young and old need to get on board where their health is concerned. And take this concept into all they attempt in life.

Making great choices in food, decorations, wedding accessories and attire are all must-do areas. Plus these ideas are very much in the news everywhere. That is our focus. To be conscious of our lives in areas such as accessories, candles, any additives, the atmospheres we create ... Anywhere that leads to people having the most rewarding experiences in life. Your wedding day!

The air we breath, home elements, and more are all very important to all of us. So you will find a smattering of healthy living ideas throughout our candlelite wedding site. Because just like you we realize that everything we do eventually contributes to a healthy living experience. Even the amazing, glittering, fairy tale weddings you wish to create.


Celebrate your Wedding in Style

On Beacon Candlelite Wedding find info about

  1. imaginative holders to purchase, such as tart warmers and how they can help relax even the most frazzled bride.

  2. candlemaking and safety tips for your best environmental health, inside or outside.

  3. various unique wedding candles, wicks and waxes you will find for your special day.

  4. the different crafts to help in styling and designing your chosen healthy atmosphere.

  5. numerous articles illustrating unique styles, custom designs or other types of attire.

  6. attractive wedding candle-holders needed for pulling those intimate moments together on that eventful day.

  7. the many resources online regarding crafting your special accessory treasures.

  8. plus beach weddings, honeymoon cruising, fairy tale horse drawn carriages and more...

  9. your spirit connection is an essential part of your life. Find out more about that here... For a truly healthy life we all must have all three of these next elements met to enjoy life to the fullest. Spirit, soul and body. All have to flow into being strong parts each to have a great life. Whether you are the head of your home or a housewife and mother of the bride like me.

Your Relaxation and Candles Tip

At Beacon Candlelite Wedding we like to remind you .. Lighting your favorite glimmering treasures set the scene for a relaxing evening anytime. Just talking about it brings such relaxing images to mind. No wonder candles have made their way into candlelite weddings.

What would your other favorite get together's be like without the twinkle and aroma of candles? That romantic candlelit dinner would go nowhere fast without them. And just think of your bath time with them absent ...

Always remind yourself of the benefits of quieting your life down, sipping an aromatic tea, savoring and enjoying a candlelit moment any time you have frazzled nerves.

Beacon Candlelite Wedding Characteristics

In the world of weddings and romantic events you find a host of characteristics. From the textures to the aromas it is diversified to say the least. Everyone is different so your choices are as unique as you, yourself are. No two people are alike.

You could compare people somewhat to wax. Malleable wax is soft and pliable. At the same time it also can be shaped, molded, sculpted, dipped and formed into many different sizes. From there it is also dyed or scented to many individual preferences. Much like human beings are shaped and molded by life. Always shape your life with the positive attributes of healthy living.

And with this attitude as well begin creating the candlelite wedding or your dreams. No two will ever be exactly the same. The intimate atmosphere you long for is within your reach. Think like a sculptor and begin to carve out the elements one at a time. 

Come along and illuminate your world. Satisfy the desire to learn a new wedding craft. Master new techniques and enjoy adventure-some evenings while exploring your latest ideas and collections.

Health and You Together
Beacon Candlelite Wedding

Health and You Together

Take a memorable journey with us into finding ideas, designs, and information regarding the diversified world of these special light source weddings. Beacon Candlelite Wedding.com

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