To Save or Not

To Save or Not? So do we save or not save something that seems important to someone that you and I both know they could live without very easily? I guess you choose to build memories instead of nitpick about small matters.

It all Started with One Boat Trip...

So it all did start with one boat trip...

One boat trip that lead to the next boat trip. Our 6 year old grandson on the first trip disastrously lost "one" of his swim fins. And you know the crying they go through. Poor child.

I know most people would go get the child another set of fins. Where as this one fin sunk to the bottom of a 40 foot muddy water inlet. The water here was black and without a professional dive light no one would ever retrieve it. It was officially lost. Plus swim fins are not much good if they do not come in pairs.

However when we love someone we will go to enormous lengths to help them out. So in comes the hero Pappa to the rescue. He just happens to be a very skilled (over 20 year) diver. Him and my son decide to do a rescue the swim fin dive. But it will have to wait until the following week. Simply, because the dive gear is not onboard.

Decisions Decisions to Save or Not

Seems like a lot for a $30 pair of swim fins. The amount of equipment and expertise that it requires. The two boat mission, two sets of dive gear, tanks, ropes and other necessary paraphernalia.

It was a huge area to search in as well. About a 2 foot visibility all the way around. Makes it extremely hard to see the other diver let alone anything that is on the muddy bottom. But we all head out anyway and voila 45 minutes later the fin was found. Understatement - it was found just as my husband was about to give up and head to the surface. His eyes fell on the fin. Miraculously.

Makes me think of our relationship to the Lord actually.. Where we get ourselves sometimes in a worthless position in life. So He rallies His expert task force to come to our rescue. Caught in the thicket of life He shows up on our doorstep with His helpers in human form ready to help and go to work. None of us are EVER beyond His awesome reach.

It's Not Over

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