Wedding Candle Additives

For the Best Finishes you can Have.

There are a variety of candle additives available to use when creating your favorite wedding candles. These that we have listed deal with things to put into the wax as well as things used outside of it.

7 Assorted Additives at your Fingertips

1.  Stearin

Don't let candle additives cloud your vision

This product is used when constructing candles. It helps the waxes shrink while they solidify. This result helps wax come out of moulds as successful as you have planned.

It also helps candles not drip as much. And we all know there are times when we need and want smokeless, dripless candles. Especially these are great in church weddings where the church does not want to clean up after us.

Stearin does make it possible to use just about anything for a mould these days for successful candlelite wedding art. These light sources also have a longer burn time because of this particular additive. It also gives candles containing it an opaque look and a richer appearance.

2.  Candlelite Perfumes or Wax Perfumes

Perfumes should be used sparingly. As we have emphasized before not everyone is capable of enjoying scented candles. Wax perfumes rather than essential oils are specially made for putting into wedding candlelite creations.

Some essential oils do not smell as appealing in candles as you might think. Doing some experiments before a final finished creation goes live is important. You may regret it in the end if you don't.

3.  Wax Glue

Wax glue is used to stick items to these light sources such as flowers or an unique decoupage element or foil. Or it can even be used in gluing wax together. So this candle additive is very useful in constructing original ideas you want to display. Without it that unique decorative wedding design you want has no way of being illuminated.

Acquaint yourself with Candle Additives

Know candle additives for best candle choices

As we study healthy candlelite sources .. It is a must to research any additives that are used in making candles. For all you know they could all be great. But then again, they could be full of undesirable components and should be necessarily avoided for healthier choices. 

4.  Wax Dyes

Wax dyes are used to dye candles many different colours. Take care in adding them to candles however. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations. Always test colours by letting them dry completely in a small drop or two of wax. This step will tell you if you like the colour you have created or not. Next step is to establish the right mix saturation for any selection desired and complete the project.

5.  Wick Sustainers or Wick Supports

Wick sustainers hold your wick in the right position and place at the center of your light creation. Mostly they are used in container candles and are fairly easy to implement.

It is important when making our own candles that we purposely choose things like lead free material for wicks as well. Especially when selecting healthier alternatives throughout our homes or working environments. Anything we craft should sensibly meet up with these new living standards.

6.  Micro Crystallines

Two more candle additives are called micro soft and micro hard. Micro soft makes good moulded candles. Where as micro hard makes chip candles. Each has their good qualities. Soft keeps the waxes soft for longer periods for moulding. Hard has a higher melt point making these candles stronger.

7.  More General Additives to Look for are:

  • Luster Crystals - increases strength, colour and improves burn time

  • Mottling Oil - gives candles a snowflake surface
  • Chalky White - gives candles a chalky white appearance
  • Pearly White - used to create pastel shades
  • Vybar - alternative to stearin when you need to use a flexible mould. Stearin can not be used in this case as it will rot the flexible mould.
Assorted candle additives

We have listed this information for your help in acquiring your needed supplies for wedding candlemaking. If this is the route you happen to take. However it is not an exhaustive reference by any means. It is our wish that you continue on your journey of every day learning something new concerning this amazing craft in order to succeed.

'til next time.... Keep on making beautiful wedding creations.

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