12 Candle Making Ideas for Weddings

Use these Candle Making Ideas with Confidence

Candle Making Ideas seem to be as endless as the creative mind will allow. If you can think it, then it's possible to accomplish it with the right info, inspiration and method of operation.

Twelve Ways to Glittering Ideas

You can cast your wedding candles with a number of various techniques such as:

  1. Carving - in carving you can dip your chosen design in a number of different colored waxes and then proceed to cut patterns into the wax. Slicing, twisting and dipping to create your very own unique style.

  2. Floating candles - you can usually find these at special occasions such as weddings or intimate dinner parties. Center your wick and pour wax into special store bought molds. Or for original candle making ideas create your own molds with unusual containers you find in your home, yard sales or other sources.

  3. Hurricane candles - elaborate your design creations with nature or personal objects. Using translucent waxes with larger and smaller containers, to hold the wax, trap flowers, leaves, personal items or memorabilia in wax for distinct designs.

  4. Sand candles - using sand as your mold pour wax into a hole you form with your chosen method. You can use bowls, hands, cans or what have you. The sand makes very natural looking candles.

  5. Twisted candles - after pouring candles in the traditional way shape and twist your work of art into designs you will cherish for a lifetime. The soft wax is easily molded into the designs you envision while the wax is still warm.

  6. Plaiting or braiding your candles - some do not realize that wax is braid-able. Country accents in your wedding decor are enhanced as you add these beauties to your personal collection. Braid several warm different colored thin candles together to achieve the look you desire.

  7. Marbling - the marbling technique you add to your candles should be the very first step you make in your personally designed candles. As marbling is accomplished with a blow torch if you pursue this technique any time other than at the first you risk destroying any other embellishment you add to your candles.

  8. Water candles - what is a water candle? Designs that use water as part of the tools to create it. Molten wax is poured around a taper as it is lowered swiftly into a bucket of cold water.

  9. Whipping - actually whipping warm uncolored wax can make a finish for candles so they resemble snowballs. Adding sparkles to this finish heightens this Christmas-like effect. Great for a winter wedding.

  10. Decoupage - maybe a familiar effect to some crafters, this is a technique using tissue paper to highlight a design. Decorate a piece of tissue paper the size of the outside of your candle in whatever way you desire, then dip the candle in clear paraffin wax. Stand back admire and enjoy.

  11. Stained glass candles - not really made of glass or something similar though. These are candles that "look like" stained glass on the outside. Create a special multi-colored candle, slice it thinly and apply creatively to the outside.

  12. Transfers - to create a professional finish to white or cream wedding candles you can use store bought candle transfers. Want to create candles that look good but you don't have time to design on your own? Your answer: transfers. An admirable finish, perfect as wedding party gifts or just to add to your ever growing collect of unique candles.

In Conclusion

Candle making ideas are numerous

Whether you are dipping, molding, carving, whipping or whatever you please for a finish or addition to your favorite votive or tapers. Always let who you are emerge from within. 

Go with what your mind can imagine it's always more adventuresome than just following what others do. 

However use what others do to advance your own knowledge in this art of candlemaking. Study their approach and then let your own imagination add to all you learn. You never know what you can accomplish as you press in and express who you truly are with your own candle making ideas.

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