Candle Making Wax 
Secrets to your Personality

Creative Excitement and Candle Making Wax

Candle Making Wax and Your Wedding.

Just think of the creative process of making wedding candles and you are immediately interested in this craft.

The pliable, malleable substance... Getting caught up in all the numerous possibilities... The endless ideas race through your mind...

Do you get excited about your own creative ideas? You should. Think of all the ideas you can add to make your day special.

Your life should lead you naturally to creative arenas. Especially in the art of wedding candle creation.

That's the kind of wedding you love to hear about. One where people are enthusiastic about all the great things they have pooled together.

They are having fun and getting up eager to get to work on the job at hand. And today's job is designing wedding candles for your fairy tale wedding.

Let's get started ..

We Begin by Exploring Wax

Candle wax is somewhat like life.. Really. It is. Let us explain ..

There are different kinds of it around. You could even say that the different kinds represent different kinds of people.And yes we may even seem alike however we are not. No I sincerely believe that no two of us are alike.

Watching any talent show and you can't help but come to that conclusion. No two do the same thing on stage. But that's what makes life so interesting. That we all have our uniqueness's.

The different kinds of candle making wax are gel, paraffin, beeswax, soy wax, natural beeswax, and natural wax.

Finding your Personality in Wax

In this comparison of candle making wax to people,
what kind of wax would you think you are?

The different kinds of candle waxes are:

  1. Paraffin wax - it is a petroleum product which when produced becomes a solid as it cools. Hmm? It obviously is warmed and then cools to a solid.

    What kind of person does this sound like? Maybe someone with a warm, affectionate heart who even in their times of being alone, with no one else around, just emulate a solid lifestyle. Both in good or bad times. A pleasant goal to reach for.

  2. Candle Gel - this is a form of mineral oil that has been thickened with polymer for use in candles. It has a very low melting point and is one of the best starter type candles to make. It can be melted then re-melted, designed then redesigned. It is one of the most versatile waxes around.

    Maybe the person who would have this kind of personality would be carefree and easy going. Someone who would go anywhere or do anything that was presented to them. Fun-loving, flexible and pliable.

  3. Beeswax - this is a wax that comes from beehives. Just thinking of it describes a busy-ness. The hive, the bees, the coming and going of little creatures. The constant buzzing... The constant doing of life...

    Who else but someone of a busy nature would this describe? Someone constantly talking and always on the move. Maybe this would be a good description of the neighborhood busy-body. Yes we know the type... We have all met him or her. And no being busy is not only for women, men do it too, lol !

  4. Natural beeswax - is a candle made from the best of the best candle beeswax you can get. No preservatives... no artificial perfumes... no dyes... no toxins of any kind... and definitely environmentally friendly to your home and mine.

    An absolute naturalist kind of person. Doing and being healthy in all areas of their lives. Including the candles they choose. These people seriously practice what they believe in all areas of their life. Much to be admired, they are!

  5. "A 'Natural' wax - is a wax from a renewable resource such as a plant, insect or animal. The candle making wax from an animal would be from the exterior of a living animal such as Lanolin (wool grease)." quote from Let's Make Candles (candle making wax)

    Natural candles can be made with the following: beeswax, bayberry or palm. Variety is the spice of life. Variety would also help us attain and retain our health for years to come. Versatile personality. Easily bends to what the situation calls for. Instills healthy living - a reasonable and attainable goal for all of us.

  6. Soy wax - made from the soybean these candles make for a healthy solution also, in health conscious homes. The simplicity of these candles can not be overstated. Just melt the wax and pour. They make great pastel candles because of their opaque color effect.

    These candles may illustrate a laid back individual. The ultimate in easy-going. You just will tolerate any state you find. Great to be such a person in today's day and age.

So what kind of candle wax do you think you are?

These descriptions do not depict all personalities of course! For who can describe everyone in one sitting? We know, not us.

Neither are they to be assumed a professional evaluation. These are just musings to you and others who happen upon them. Totally of an amateur lay person view point. So no dependency should be placed on them.

Hopefully you found this article interesting at the very least. As well as give you something to consider of your personality .. It also introduced you to different types of wax.

And yes the best candle making wax, by all means, is you!

...'til next time, knowledge is power and keep on making your beautiful fairy tale wedding candles!

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