Candle Sconces
What are they used for?

Candle Sconce with Back Plate

Candle Sconces - Sconces were candle holders that came out of the 17th century. Used to light long dining halls and entryways. Often you will see shiny metal back-plates behind the candles which help to increase the effectiveness of the light they cast.

Today they are still used to light simple everyday environments. Placed effectively they can make a room cozy with a homey glow.

In the Beginning was a Sconce

Sconces were and are candle holders of a different make and model you can say. They were often made of simple materials such as brass or silver. The brass or silver being used especially for their reflective qualities. These materials help the light do more than if they were not there. The light travels farther.

A simple explanation of a sconce is: a ledge to place your candle on. Most commonly used when there doesn't seem to be anywhere to place your candle. If you are short on space this is the candle holder you should consider. Most designs of sconces have a back-plate that aids in holding it on your wall.

Using Sconces throughout Your Home

Candle sconce examples

In an ancient time sconces were used as a source for light. Generally they may not have had any other methods available for after dark use. Sconces do have the added benefit to them of being a hands free method of lighting rooms as well.

Today however we can see them used anywhere you desire to place them.

They were very limited at first in their design but now we see every shape and size imaginable on the market. Excellent gifts for newly-weds. 

Use them anywhere you want to have a beautiful highlight in your living space. They make the most decorative pieces concerning sconces today. Made of ironworks and glass they can be a most delicate and stylish addition to any room.

One suggested room to place sconces in is the bathroom. This is a room where sometimes there is never enough counter space. So a candle sconce is a good addition to this room in particular. It will save on space and give this room a whole new mood. One of relaxation and charm. Especially while you're relaxing in a tepid bath.

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Make your own Candle Sconce

Make your own candle sconce

General Instructions:

  1. Make your sconce out of two pieces of wood. Shape the wood to suit you in measurements and begin sanding the pieces to remove unwanted rough areas. Both pieces of the wood have to be the same width to fit together at the back.

  2. Make one long and slender and the other short and shelf-like for your candle.

  3. Cover the back with metal purposely purchased for this use from a craft store. Score the metal as desired.

  4. Nail the large piece to the smaller piece. Then glue the metal piece you created to the back-plate.

  5. Center a decorative candle holder to the center of the smaller piece of wood and you have your candle sconce.

In Conclusion:

With all the decorating possibilities you discover for your living spaces use sconces. Your home will never be the same again. You can now create and enjoy as many relaxing areas you find you need.

With today's fast pace we all need special moments of everyday stress relief. Begin taking steps to relieve your stress now. And don't forget the bride-to-be. She can always use extra ways to relax and enjoy life. They make a great bridal gift.

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