Candle Wicks

How do Wicks effect your Environment?

Candle wicks set the stage for great wedding and household environments becoming better. All wicks can help in making your air quality the best it can be. By tossing out wicks made with metal cores you are well on your way ...

Wicks or Waxes from Good Sources

Tired of buying your candles from lower quality sources? Ones that may contain faulty materials? Then it's time to get busy and find another market. One with an environmentally friendly emphasis.

We have all heard how a candle's makeup can effect our health. In our homes we should concentrate on the best of the best source for anything we put into it. Including the candles we burn.

Country star wax warmer

A Better Solution ..

But why really burn candles anyway? There seems to be a trend these days to go with scented wax in warmers. The waxes being made of environmentally sound materials too.

As well these styles are quite enjoyable and contain absolutely no wick whatsoever. If the waxes and the warmers give the same effect, then why not?

Warmers have some amazing benefits. These benefits include:

  • You do not have the worry of accidentally burning your house down.

  • Plus you do not have the toxins present that candles with wicks have.

  • The only emphasis is to make sure you purchase high quality substances to place into the warmer.

Candle Wicks and Lead Poisoning

Candle Wicks, Lead Poisoning and the Connection

If you are a true candle burner you should investigate the levels of lead in your environment. Really you should. Don't just take our word on it though. Do a search of lead poisoning and candle wicks. The results may surprise you.

Time and time again as we did our own search online we found results like this:

  • Candles containing more than 0.06% of lead when burned in an enclosed area for a long time can release high levels of lead into the atmosphere and cause lead poisoning.

  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted unanimously to ban the manufacture and sale of lead-cored wicks and candles with lead-cored wicks.

  • Dust wipes after several months of burning lead core wick candles in a room in Texas contained 40 mg per square foot, many times the acceptable level for a room to be regarded as safe for young children.

  • Candles which potentially have a lead wick core can only be confirmed by laboratory testing but any metal wick core is very likely to contain some lead.

In particular if you own old candles. And we know they probably are still in some homes ... You especially need to rid your home of them. Lead poisoning is no joke.

Some Serious Results of Lead Poisoning ...

  • impaired growth
  • hearing loss
  • behaviour problems
  • respiratory problems
  • impaired short term memory
  • reproductive disorders
  • memory loss
  • nerve disorders

Your Part in the Matter ..

Home sweet home candle warmer

So before you invest heavily in that awesome new wedding candle at least check it out for its health benefits.

Just because you bought it in the U.S. or Canada does not mean the candles are all now free of emissions. Foreign candle creations may still have a metal core. So if you do not know what went into the making of these types of candles. Just don't buy them. 

Whenever you buy a new candle look for ones that say they contain zinc, paper, tin or cotton cores. These types have been tested and found to be safe and non-toxic.

...'til next time, keep on keeping your wedding ceremony and future home safe by burning better candle choices! Your family will thank you for it.

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