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Contact Us anytime. We love hearing from people who love weddings, candles and fairy tale elements as much as we do. When can you contact Beacon Candlelite Wedding? Any time of the day or night is good to connect with us. 

What we love about the internet is that you can send a comment whenever you please. Yes even if it hits you in the wee hours of the morning.

Unfortunately due to excessive spam and the lot we no longer put up personal email addresses. However if you are among the few who want to email a real address, we suggest this method: webmaster[AT]

The above general email must be wrote out by hand because it has been disabled. Then enter it into your email program adding the appropriate "@" symbol and proceed from there.

But if you love and see the simplicity of online forms as we do we encourage you to use this handy form we have provided just for you.

Privacy: We promise to use your e-mail address only to notify you as you request as well. View our Privacy Policy here.

We have Several Ways you may Contact which Include:

By Mail:
668, Rte. 628 Hwy.
Durham Bridge, NB
By Convenient
Online Form:

Found Below
By Email: (as outlined above)


By Fax:


Our Online Form for your Convenience

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