The History of Candles

History of Candles ...

The history of candles is fascinating. Learn from our ancestors and how they started developing candles for use today. Possibly even grab their natural ways for healthier living now.

Candle Making History through the Years

The history of candles an intriguing journey

Throughout history candles have played several different roles. Examples are as follows:  

  • Lighting candles in a religious rite. Rituals have most times had candles accompanying them....
  • Candles were used for symbolic purposes. They often times symbolize purity....
  • Special wedding occasions usually have candlelight in some form....

  • Lighting with candles in earlier times became the norm not the unusual....
  • What romantic evening is complete without them?....
  • Still candles have always partnered with birthdays....
  • Most holidays such as Christmas possess them....
  • Garden parties are lit with them....
  • Very special wedding table settings would not be caught without them....

12 Special Occasions for your Favorite Candles

To name a few occasions that candles
have made their appearance in would be:

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Christenings
  • Mother's Day
  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Wedding Banquets
  • Anniversaries
  • Valentines
  • Easter Pageants
  • 4th of July
  • New Years
Light up your knowledge about candles

The Economy of Candles

Over the years candles have maintained their economical stance. In that this craft has remained relatively inexpensive to take part in. 

The Shape of Candles

The various forms of candles are: dipped, colored, molded, rolled, scented and whatever else your imagination brings you to. 

The Candles of the Past

In the past we all have heard of what our ancestors first used to light up their world. Yes it was none other than candles. Well before gas or electricity in the history of candles.

Are you familiar with one of our ancestor's first forms of candles?

Surprisingly it was rushes dipped in animal fat. What a stinky mess that must have been. Some of us not into that kind of candle would indeed today, say 'oooh yuk'. This is a candle that when burned produces a black smoke and an awful smell. So our research reads. 

It wasn't until later that beeswax was used in the production of candles. But then as well only the rich and clergy seemed to possess them. This was because of the cost involved to manufacture them.

In the mid-nineteenth century 'stearin' was produced which lead to longer burning, relatively odor free candles.

The history of candles throughout time

A Time Journey

So through time, know-how and the history of candles these beauties have evolved into what we see today. They truly have had a tremendous journey throughout their lives. 

Candles not only light the room but have the ability to set the mood, change the atmosphere and draw people to them with their sparkling brilliance. Not many people can claim that!

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