Homemade Candles for Weddings

Creative homemade candles

Homemade Candles... 
Creating that Glow

Homemade Candles are illuminating, scented, unique, personal, and intimate. Just the sort for weddings.

Creating your favorites can be the most rewarding time you spend as a crafter. Having your finished treasure in front of you is exciting. 

Spending time candlemaking is time well spent on a craft that not only is beautiful but functional as well. 

When the power goes out, where do you head? Quite possibly you go in search of your favorite stash of supplies and holders. When looking for beauty in your wedding .. Candles may well come to mind also.

Homemade Unity Waxes

The different types of candle making 
waxes include, but are not limited to:


Beeswax homemade candles

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees. It mainly consists of fatty acids and various alcohols. Typically, for a honey bee keeper, 10 pounds of honey yields 1 pound of wax.

Beeswax varieties tend to burn cleanly with less smoke or odor, and not a lot of dripping. They seem to be the preferred style tapers in places such as churches. And because of this your wedding ceremony.


Wedding soy homemade candles

Soy wax for these light sources comes from soybeans. It tends to have a lower melting point than other types of waxes so therefore you tend to see these homemade candles in containers. 

With use of certain additive these waxes can be created into other kinds of glimmering shapes as well. For instance you can find unity candle pillars of soywax. 

Soy comes in flakes and pellets for melting and forming into your creations. 

Beeswax and soy styles are claimed to be the most healthy choice of these treasures you can purchase.


Gel homemade candles

Gel styles are made from a mixture of paraffin and plastic. They have the look of liquid in a glass. They are among the most easiest and cheap to produce. 

Also they are a great home business to start because of various factors. 

Gels are attractive and generally smell great.

Common Wax Styles

Paraffin homemade candles

Wax styles can be lit to generate light and/or heat. Lighting a few of your favorite twinkling beauties in a room not only creates atmosphere but also raises the temperature.

Something to consider as well in your wedding gathering. If your room will have hundreds of people together in it realize the temperature may go up. So make sure any room with candles is well ventilated.

Early European types were made from various forms of natural fat, tallow, and wax. Historically wax styles were the first forms of these light sources to be mass produced. Today anyone can obtain cheap paraffin wax styles in different sizes and shapes. 

Wax designs are still very popular with most people.

Candlemaking History

Candle History ...

"The earliest known styles originated in China around 200 BC, and were made from whale fat. 

These light sources did not appear in Europe until sometime after 400 AD, due largely to the availability of olive oil for burning in lamps. The early European candle was made from various forms of natural fat, tallow, and wax. 

In the 18th century, spermaceti, oil produced by the sperm whale, was used to produce a superior candle. 

Late in the 18th century, colza oil and rapeseed oil came into use as much cheaper substitutes. 

Paraffin was first distilled in 1830, and revolutionized candle-making, as it was an inexpensive material which produced a high-quality, odourless candle that burned reasonably cleanly...." Homemade Candles - Wikipedia

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