Homemade Gel Candles
An Easy Wedding Solution

Homemade Gel Candles ...

Homemade Gel Candles. If you are looking for a versatile wedding craft look no further than this style of molded beauties.

5 Topics to Perk your Interest

Special Note
of Caution:

Gather up all supplies you need before beginning any candle making project.

You never want to leave hot wax unattended. Doing the above simple step of getting your supplies together will prevent that from happening.

You will want your supplies in hands reach while you work.

This is a definite must-do for all candle work done. Especially in your home.

Only God knows how many fires and severe injuries take place each year because someone left a candle or hot wax unattended. So please make this something you always observe.

1. Mistakes made? Not a Problem ...

Never think that all is lost if you make mistakes with candles. Think like this. Every mistake can be re-melted and formed into a new glowing light again. So nothing is lost.

What other substance lets you do that. Most compounds or craft supplies do not let you do so. If something happens in cooking or sewing or painting you do not get a re-do most times. You simply open your garbage can and throw your supplies out.

Too bad we can not scrape off paint and use it again. Especially if you have just wasted a good deal of it on a wrong choice or what have you. But realistically what a mess that would be!

Fortunately the ability to start over so easy is one of the most appealing element of these types of craft creations.

2. The Kitchen: Your Best Work Area 

As with most candle making projects the kitchen is the most likely work area you have in your home for gel candle creations.

Maybe this is why candles appeal so much as a business solution to so many. Walking into your kitchen every morning to start work is a great treat. 

However if you do continue to make a business for yourself from this type of enterprise. A better solution is to have another room set up for it. Then you do not have to worry if an accidental spill will ruin your nice living decor.

Definitely even though your business is set up in your home. It is a good idea to have a separate place for it. So you do not end up feeling that you are surrounded by your work 24/7.

Homemade Gel Candle Creations are Unique

3. Some Gel Candle Characteristics

  • Candle gel feels like jelly

  • Has a high melting point of 215 degrees (F)

  • Colors should be added to it sparingly

  • Gel Wax does not set the same way as paraffin wax does

  • It can only be used in heatproof containers designed to hold wax. Glass vases in particular are great containers. They allow the special bubbly finish of these types of candles to clearly be seen by all.

Making your own Gel
Candle Wax from Scratch

Ingredients needed to make your own gel wax are:

  • candle scent, 
  • mineral oil,
  • primed wick with wire core, 
  • and resin. 

With this simple recipe the sky's the limit for making as many gel candles as you please.

4. Gel Wax Candle Tips: 

  • To achieve a variety of bubble effects in your homemade gel candles use the following guide:
  • 180 - 190 F (lots of action)
  • 190 - 200 F (a fair amount)
  • 200 - 210 F (few to none)
  • To make a bubble free candle heat the container you plan on using to display your candle to 150F in your oven for 10 minutes. This action should be done just before placing the wax in this container.
  • Fire resistant objects can be placed into the homemade gel candle wax as you make your candle. Some items you can use are: costume jewellery, dried potpourri, rocks, sea shells or anything you desire of heat resistant material. This is the time to imagine and get creative to make these candles your own.

5. Some Additional Info to Investigate

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