My Story as I See It

This is My Story ...

Lois Williams


Let me introduce myself: My name is Lois Williams. This is just a little write up I put together to give you an idea of who owns this awesome site about Candle Making.

One of my favorite sayings: Without definite focused concentration concerning any enterprise, means, you get next to nothing in return. 

So I do not even try to say I have, been there, done that, unless I am prepared to put my best foot forward, so to speak. 

Without a definite effort toward anything you consider worthwhile you might as well quit now and save yourself the effort. Because you are not going to make it with anything less than determination and high-class stick-to-itiveness.

My Story of Working Online ...

... began in April of 2001.

Yeah the year of 9/11. 

I guess you could say that being online has been a work in progress. One of acquiring much needed lessons and knowledge. Ones too that I value very much. 

To name one, would be, the beauty and simplicity of my present business. And that if you stick with something, you like doing, long enough things do start to happen. 

Especially if you have the right instruction. That point is worth repeating too...  

But back to my story.
Specifically my business start-up story . . .

All I can say is: you live and you learn. Sometimes, too, by the school of self-motivation and learning. And lots of work. Most of us would like to avoid that school, altogether, but in reality, most of us can not. It truly takes all of those factors to be here online.

Now to start with I am a crafter, who basically has been in crafting for over 40 years. And I just love bringing all this valuable information online for you to enjoy.  

Mainly because I basically want you to get as much out of candle making as you can. I love candles and crafting in general! Do you?

Could you work online as I do? 

As a crafter can you image, working smarter, meaning... Having all the time to craft as you want without being bored by any one project over and over again? Plus having a constant income no matter how much you personally can create? Well, with this business that is one thing I like, that I do not have to make anything if I do not want to.

But there is plenty of crafting just the same. 

But here I should clearly state that a person doing what I do, does not end up carrying products, here, there, and everywhere. On the contrary.... anything but. 

And the business end of it?… if you want to know more about my story and what I do check out this website

Thanks for listening. 


The Lord has opened unto me His good treasure and blessed the work of my hands. He has commanded the blessing upon me in my storehouse and all that I undertake. (Deut.28:8,12)

Just a Closing Thought for the Road:
The Next Step is Up to You. What will You do NOW?

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