National Candle Association (NCA)
General Information

What is the National Candle Association?

The National Candle Association (NCA) is the major trade association representing U.S. candle manufacturers and their suppliers.

The NCA is widely recognized as the leading technical authority on candles and candle manufacturing. Quote from

Who does the NCA Represent?

First of all the NCA represents officially the manufacturers and suppliers of your favorite companies. Over 90 percent of all candles produced in the US are collectively represented by their members.

About 150 producers and suppliers are represented by this noted candle authority.

This association also stands currently as a watch dog on behalf of consumers as well as industry professionals. They help educate customers with safe candle use. 

As well they also help in times of other foreign products flooding the US marketplace. They help the people who sell candles in the US, basically stay in business. By fighting against the flood of foreign candles available for sale.

When was the NCA Established?

Founded in 1974, it has continued to stand for what is right in this industry. When the public need information it goes to work. When the manufacturers and suppliers also need a helping hand they also approach government officials with solutions.

They currently promote the safe use and enjoyment of candles. See the cautions on any product package and those cautions probably got their start with them. They help establish the fire safety standards for the industry as well.

Their efforts continue today in this ever expanding market. So they have basically been in business from 1974 to the present time.

The Address for the NCA

All info about the NCA can be obtained from their website. It is also the source to research if you are wanting to join as a member. Complete membership information is provided at their website -

National Candle Association 
Mailing Address and Phone Number:

  • 529 14th Street NW - Suite 750
    Washington, DC 20045
    Tel: (202) 393-2210

Use this association for their wealth of knowledge about the candle industry. Also inquire about your own membership if applicable. It is a genuine way of keeping up with industry trends in the marketplace. And that move is very good home and business sense.

National Candle Association has a lot to do with your favorite candle

In Conclusion: With all the things you need to know about burning, enjoying, relaxing and creating candles it is a great practice to look to industry professionals. If you simply love the products learn all you can. If you create candles on a regular basis learn all you need to know for your success. For each scenario always consult the experts for moments when you do not feel sure.

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