Personalized Wedding Gift
for the Bride to Be

The Personalized Wedding Gift ...

A personalized wedding gift for the bride can be the most overlooked gift giving idea of all time. Get started now with these four wedding day ideas.

4 Candle Wedding Gifts for her

Creative Candle Fashion Tips

Fashion Tip #1

Is this a picture of the bride? Does she have little occasion to wear a "good" dress or formal outfit. Keeps her colors and style discreet?

Fashion Tip. Distinctive colors and bold prints are a bit too memorable. A simple outfit or dress lends itself to more creative accessorizing. This is a great tip to keep in mind while shopping for the bride for a special wedding outfit.

After you have selected her basic style she can then add and accessorize it multiple times. With a little imagination she will then have an outfit for more than one occasion.

#1. A Very Entertaining Idea

  • For that intimate dinner for two it is great to use simple selections to set it all up. Plain designs are a lot of time more impressive and relaxing than bold ideas with lots of color. So your choice of candles fit in this picture.

    Is the bride a great entertainer or moderately so? Setting up a style in candles to go with either scenario will work. Do a basket gift theme. Where you present a whole setting. Adding items as the inspirations come to mind.

    Think in terms of the room setting and atmosphere you are wanting to create. Brides tend to love help in planning events so don't overlook this fact. Plan a simple but elegant display which she can add her own finishing touch to.

Older Fashion Tip #2

Please Proceed with Caution.

An easy way to remove "pills" from a sweater: run a medium-grade sandpaper across the garment's surface. Remove the pills from the sandpaper. You can reuse the sandpaper over and over in the same manner.

As this is an older tip we came across, we recommend testing it out on a separate piece of like cloth first before you do anything to your very best sweater.

#2. Old-Style Decor Idea

  • Old fashioned decor is all the rage these days. Everyone seems to be expressing themselves through antique items on display. Country or earthy themed candles can lend a hand here.

    Choose from colors of a forest or earthy nature. Warm and enveloping patterns lead to a comfortable retreat from the stress-filled life outside the home.

    Personalized wedding gifts for the bride with country candle accents will go well in this scene. Bringing with them a haven from life's hectic pace. They offer a calm environment for thoughts and work.
Personalized Wedding Gifts for Brides

Fashion Tip #3

Before buying any new garment. 

  • Read its care label to determine how much time and money is required to keep it clean.

  • Its fiber-content label to determine how much comfort and durability it provides.

  • As well its size label to make sure it fits properly.

#3. The Clean Burn Idea

  • Clean burning candles are a prized lot these days. We do everything for our homes that we can think of. So clean burning candles should be on our goal planning list. The same care we have in other areas can rule in candle selection too.

    If the bride loves candles but has a stash of oldies needing to be tossed. Then it's now time for the perfect personalized wedding gift solution. Invest in a new stash of candles for her. Buy a group and help her toss the old ones out.

    Of course select ones that will encourage and help her to get rid of the old ones. Make them something attractive and easy to enjoy.

    You could actually un-stress a life. Possibly your own knowing that your loved one is now directed in a new way of living. Helping to make their living environment, non toxic and healthier.

    It all adds up to a better life for them and you. That's what any gift should do.

Fashion Tip #4

The Latest colors may not always be right for you.

The best guides for choosing the colors of your clothes and cosmetics are the natural colors of your hair, skin, and eyes. Of these, your natural hair color is the most important. To look your most attractive, you should wear your best colors.

#4. Her Favorite Color Idea

In selecting your personalized wedding gift ... Research what the bride's favorite colors are. Incorporate the colors you discover into your candle purchases for her. 

Look at the room colors she chooses. Maybe she has been redecorating. Be watchful to see what choices she makes. If you are in opposition to what she likes keep your selections to yourself.

When choosing a personalized wedding gift for the bride that is a most helpful attitude. Play down your likes and be enthusiastic about hers. After all she is a creative person herself and needs her own ideas. Just like you need yours.

Stay neutral about your desires and give her the best gift ever. Your two thumbs up approval. It will do the best for your relationship together.

So get pro-active and original in your gift choices. You and your family or friend will profit from this attitude you possess. Both for significant holidays and Christmas gift ideas together. Make your choices healthy -- always.


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