Scented Soy Candles for your Wedding

Scented Soy Candles for your Wedding or Home

Scented Soy Candles for your Wedding or Home and precious Air Quality. You care for your family and yourself everyday. So logically scented soy candles are a natural for you.

Scented Soy and You

Your Home and precious Air Quality deserve the Best Choices in intimate Soy Candles Available

Scented soy candles take your home to the next level

When you think of the air that you breathe, you don't really think of it as important. Not really is it important or even noticed until something happens and your air supply is tainted or cut off.

My own mom had asthma and knew how precious a person's air supply was. She passed away in 2003. However not of an attack of asthma just of it being her time. 

But living with her, she always made it clear that she never wanted anything messing with my breathing she said. And I remember her getting extremely excited one time about me telling her that I was going to work in what she considered an unhealthy work environment. 

All of her defenses came out at me and said, "Lois think about your breathing ... What will it do to you?" Well today I would like to tell you, that your breathing good air especially in your home is important to you and to me. Basically you spend a lot of time at home. So your air quality there should be the best that it can be. No exceptions.

Enthusiastic about these Light Sources?

Scented soy for better air quality

Yes in other words do you make a habit of burning them periodically or often or even every day? If you do then your air quality is at risk. A home where candles are being burnt on a regular basis can become just like a home where cigarettes are consumed. 

Possibly you think surely they can not be as bad as cigarettes ... Can they? Anything that is taking the place of your good air is a threat to your health and your family's. Because without air you have no life. Period. 

It is really the soot that is produced that concerns people these days. Take a close look at walls and other items in a room where they are being burnt. If you discover that furnishings and walls are covered with a dark residue you probably are breathing bad air as well.

There is good news however. With the development of green products we now see also that multiple areas are benefiting.

Scented soy in your favorite flavor

Because of the green factor actually the production of your favorite candles just got healthier. 

People are beginning to make efforts not only for their own families but they are developing products for your family as well.

So not only can scented soy candles continue to light your home but the processing of them is also improving. Always check to see you have the best products on hand for your burning pleasure.

Seven Healthy Points about Scented Soy Candles

  1. They are made from oil extracted from soybeans. 

  2. Soybeans are classified as being a very natural, super renewable source.
  3. Soy styles burn 30% longer and are environmentally friendly.

  4. They are a relatively smoke free product. These types of light sources generally produce 90% less smoke than paraffin wax types.
  5. Generally toxin free if made correctly.
  6. Often associated with aromatherapy and healing.
  7. Some scented soy candles are claimed to be healthy and to not increase the C02 levels in the atmosphere.

Just Add Relaxation and Enjoy ..

About Black Candle Soot

Black Candle Soot. Where does it come from? Black Soot Causes ...

  1. burning your candles in a drafty room 
  2. wicks that are longer than 1/4 inch
  3. cheap or poorly crafted products
Relax with scented soy candles

Your favorite soy styles can add relaxation and enjoyment to your stress-filled life. If you have been sold candles that are less than perfect, it's not the end of the world. Nothing changes really over night. Just resolve to change piece by piece. But do change. 

Without change your health will stay the same. Your air quality will not improve. If need be contact a professional to see what toxins are present in your home's air supply. Or just simply throw out and stop paying for cheap, unhealthy products. 

But it is after all up to you to begin your own change. People can instruct you how, but in the end it depends on you. 

So begin your change. Start buying organic, healthy styles and improve everywhere else you see you need. With all those improvements these light sources will still be a means of relaxation. In fact the healthier they are the better you will feel. So they certainly will help relax your life in more ways than you imagine.

Your Choices can make the Difference

Close your eyes and relax with us. Envision your most healthy favorite candle burning moments. Breathe deep. Enjoy the improvements. And relax.... 

All of your treasured styles can be as healthy as you want them to be. It's all in the choices you make!

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