Taper Candles

Shimmering Ideas

  • Taper candles for quiet evenings with the light of your life
  • Lavish them on your birthday cake
  • Light them up for your fairytale wedding
  • Your calm, quiet ambience loves them 

Taper Candles Defined

Tapers. An elegant dinner for two, anyone? We have all seen them. We all know what they look like. When someone says candles we usually think of tapers. It is actually a natural thought pattern.

The Definition of Taper:

  1. A small or very slender candle.
  2. A long wax-coated wick used to light candles or gas lamps.

Express Who you are Quietly ..

Tapers one of the oldest candle methods

Tapers are made by one of the oldest methods for producing these light sources that there is. Dipping. You continually dip and dry these types of candles until you have the desired look you've been aiming for.

Usually dipped in pairs they are slender and tapered hence their name. We get these results by dipping a long piece of wick into a large container full of wax. Over and over again. A dipping and drying cycle until each candle is our desired finished thickness.

The uses for this type are: Special occasions, birthday parties, storm outages, dinner parties, relaxing evenings of unwinding and generally wherever you desire them.

Hard micro crystalline is used in creating taper candles as it adds strength to the body of these light sources. This slows the burn time as well.

Seven Classic Characteristics are...

Taper candles carving up your world
  1. can be carved in the same way as moulded styles are

  2. long, slender and elegant

  3. can be rolled using beeswax sheets

  4. create them using the dipping method

  5. can be displayed in traditional candlesticks or imaginative ways like sconces

  6. can be creatively embellished making totally new appearances to an old face

  7. usually 10 inches to 12 inches in height

Various styles include but are not restricted to:

  • dipped
  • beeswax
  • braided
  • plaited
  • spiraled
  • carved
  • twisted

A Candlelite Wedding Day Begins ..

On your big day. You have set every idea you have envisioned into motion. Your dress, rings, cakes, guests, grooms attire, wedding party .. Don't forget your candlelite plans.

Have your best rehearsal and incorporate those amazing light sources as you go. Who will light them? You have to know. And when will they be lit? Will the church let you have candles? What kind? Tapers perhaps? 

Plan, plan, plan and then plan some more. Making sure you have every item down and all your lists in order will help your day run smoothly. 

Elegant beeswax taper candles

Some Specific Types of Tapers are: Danish, dipped, cut out, and birthday.

Getting the best results with your personal choices are easy. There are plenty of books around illustrating just how to decorate and use tapers within your home or wedding ceremony. Using your own imagination however is the best way to make and display truly unique ideas. This way what and how you do really does become all your own creations.

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