Your Unique Candle Holders

The Best and Unique Candle Holders are the ones that look right the moment you place them in their special ceremonial spot.

Our Most Important Tip

As you choose any candle container remember to make sure that it is heat and fire resistant. Making this a priority will save you from unwanted fire accidents now and in the future.

And always keep in mind .. Never leave any candles unattended!

Kinds of Candle Containers on the Market today.

Kinds of Candle Containers on the Market today for weddings.

The many kinds of unique candle holders on the market today range from candlesticks to sconces to jars to warmers to votive holders to candle centerpieces to candle tins. With everything in between that your imagination can create or purchase.

So there is no limit to what you can put a candle into to house it. Except of course if what you choose is not fire resistant. Anything that is not resistant to fire or heat should be avoided for your safety. 

You can give older suitable containers new life by placing special candles inside the item. Containers of your choice can hold purchased or poured candles you especially enjoy. 

As well you can devise your own candle containers out of natural products. Some of the next items make great creative, fun, and unique holders for your special candles.

Carve into any of the following natural products for amazing results:

  • Pumpkins - use as traditional or innovate 
  • Turnips - carve and shape definitely different unique candle holders
  • Gourds - scoop out the inside and make rustic holders
  • Melons - use at your special party or reception
  • Citrus Fruits - combine these with potpourri and find a scent not to be matched
  • Coconut Shells - create soft natural looks
  • Sea Shells - make it an exotic moment

Use any of these ideas with safety in mind at all times. Place any combustible substance away from candles. Especially potpourri. You want to be creative, smart and careful.

The trick is to keep your eye and creative spirit open to new ideas that present themselves to you.

You could discover that polymer clay, salt dough, terracotta pots, sheets of metal, ice, recycled jars, sconces or collectible bottles could be your next imaginative candle container.

But like stated above be smart and careful. Never put together something that is definitely dangerous to yourself or others around you. 

The best gift to everyone is that you are with your family tomorrow and not a victim of your circumstances. And in particular for those wedded bliss filled moments. You want nothing spoiling your special day.

Pick a Theme for any Stage of your Celebration
to Help in Displaying your Candles

Unique candle holders that match your wedding theme

The best displays that you incorporate into any stage in your celebration are ones where all things match. Including the candle-works you decorate with. Candles are an unique expression of individuals ... everywhere. What their tastes and preferences are will turn up in the way they place candles in any setting. 

For instance if you prefer candlesticks to other unique candle holders you probably will gravitate to the most interesting candlesticks you can find. Possibly with a few other complimentary candle container choices thrown in to break up the scene. 

There are different ideas around as to how to decorate in any situation. But the best way to start is to pick a theme and stick to it. 

So if you start with a particular color scheme in any stage of your ceremony, follow through and get various sizes and shapes of candles as well with that same color scheme. Only choose something outside that scheme if it will add overall appeal to the room or area you are decorating. 

Getting the most out of your unique candle holder choices is a must. And choosing the best fits for your displays will help in your overall enjoyment of where and how you incorporate them.

The most common Candle Containers Available

Your Imagination is the only Limit
you will Find with each of these Categories.

  • Wedding CandleSticks - Candlesticks are about the most familiar holders for wedding candles that there are. Even with these however there are some imaginative ways you can incorporate to make unique candle holder displays.

    So with a little splash of color here and some special items you group together you can have displays that others only dream of. Made of wood, glass, metal or porcelain they make the perfect addition to a candlelit dinner for you and your sweetheart.

  • Candle Sconces - Sconces were something that came out of the 17th century. Used to light long dining halls and entryways. Often you will see shiny metal backplates behind the candles which help to increase the effectiveness of the light they cast.

    Today they are still used to light simple everyday environments. Placed effectively they can make a room cozy with a homey glow. Great for intimate or personal showers with your closest friends. 

  • The Jar Candle - Jam jars make perfect candle containers for tea lights. Or paint mason jars and make the effect of a stained glass arrangement.

    Putting your ideas to work here you can come up with many ways to use these containers. Large jar candle lights can be added to any summer evening for a special effect in the backyard. 

  • Candle Warmer - With candle warmers you place your candle under the special light and they release the fragrance of the candle without fire. They safely eliminate fire hazards, smoke damage, and indoor air pollution caused by burning candles indoors.

    These come in attractive designs and provide yet another way to display your candle collections. Albeit in a safer way than with the danger of fire.

  • Wedding Lanterns - For the bride and groom's big day. These elegant and choice unique candle holders will add to the overall appeal for both couple and guests. Highlight using these exquisite styles. You can't go wrong when using them as the special sparkle in your unique mix of decorations.

  • Votive Holders - Votive holders come in traditional sizes for your small candles. Use them to cast a relaxing, welcoming glow to any evening you are home with your feet up studying those bridal magazines. The Votive Holder helps to pool the wax as it liquefies.

    These unique candle holders come in a multitude of designs that lend themselves to many environments.

  • Candle Centerpieces - Candle centerpieces have books written about them. To use your own imagination or another person's ideas, that is the question? It is in this case whatever needs you have that you should consider. Do you already possess the knowledge you need? Or if not buy books or look online for help with what you desire.

    Candle centerpieces can be as simple yet elegant, or hold as much pizzazz as you can "pour" into them. So your imagination is the limit for these kinds of candle displays.

  • Floating Candles - When you think about it, all candles float if surrounded by enough water. Floating styles make unique candle holders. The containers can be anything that will hold water plus the display of your candles.

    Bottles, fancy vases, antique items, containers with unique designs or mason jars are great floating candle containers. Use your crafting abilities to come up with more ideas of how to display these candles.

  • Candle Tins - It is basically not a problem to turn antique cans or metal items of creative design into candle containers. Clean up any suitable candidate and voila you now have an original candle display.

    Be careful though with any metal container you use however. Metal items tend to get very hot when used for displays of this sort. Always place them on a secure stand or other environment where they will not be moved. And always put them well out of the reach of children. You won't want any mishap clouding your time of fun, relaxation or celebration.

  • Glass Candle Containers - Glass candle containers are a favorite of many people. The candles burn down and glow through the glass. Glass used for this purpose can be very delicate or extremely solid. Depends entirely on what you want in this area. Lead crystal has a wonderful reflective quality.

    Transparency and sparkle of glass make for a perfect duo with candles. There really is nothing like it. Different collectible glass candle containers may make the right display pieces that you are looking for. Dealing with glass makes a world of sense for design uniqueness.

Your Unique Candle Holder Ideas take Shape

Whether you are planning on just accenting areas or making candles your chosen tool for decorating your entire wedding stages. You can generally have what you desire today. If one place doesn't have what you want keep looking because there are a tremendous amount of ideas out there. You have to simply connect with them.

And, if everything else fails, start improvising and come up with your very own original ideas. Just experiment until what you see is great!

Highlights of the Twinkling Kind

Place candles in creative areas in rooms of your choice as accents. Candles could be that extra piece that adds the right touch to any room. In other words they could lend themselves nicely to making your room displays look complete.

It may also help to acquire several home decorating books and improvise even more ideas as you read. Use what you read to develop your own ways of doing things. What you read can seed your own mind in ways that may surprise you. So use what comes to mind.

Make your Unique Candle Holders blend In

As you purchase or collect different unique candle holders for your wedding help them all match. Something out of place will take away from what you are trying to accomplish.

Always remember no sale is really final. Take your accent piece back if it truly does not fit. Possibly you could also choose to gift it to someone or use as favors if you desire. Even switching display settings may be the answer. 

However always plan well ahead of time and you may not encounter any situation that tells you to return what your bought.

...'til next time, beautiful wedding candles deserve beautiful and unique candle holders!

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