Wedding Candle Designs
What's what... on your Favs List

The Best Wedding Candle Designs or rather the
Best Kinds of Wedding Beacons found anywhere!

Today our discussion will include these various incandescent types: scented, floating, votive, pillar, handmade, tapers, unscented, unity, hand dipped, aromatherapy, scented soy, and ball designs.

Are they the most popular glimmering beauties around? Is your favorite among them? Uncover their secrets to your wedding success with us.

Various Kinds of Wedding Candle Designs

Just as stated above we see that there are a number of kinds of wedding candle designs around today. Quite possibly the first person to come up with this form of light never saw what would happen over time. We generally never do see what an impact we make in our lifetime.

That said however, these kinds of lights definitely have made there impact on our society. What incandescent lover does not like going to various parties to see the offerings being laid out? Not only is it an evening out, we usually come away from a time like that with a special treasure or two in our hand.

After all, these kinds of beacons do have a way of bringing friends and family together. Make sure as you view any style you think in terms of where in your ceremony to present them and how.

The following sparkling beauties we are sure have made there way into your lives as well as ours:

  • scented - possibly every scent ever made has been added to numerous designs, both of the past and present ages

  • floating - the best for decorating your favorite family get-togethers

  • votive - grab one and head off for a quiet, relaxing moment

  • pillar - for the person who loves glimmering lights burning for longer periods

  • handmade - your tailor-made places enjoy these

  • taper - anyone for a candlelit dinner?

  • unscented - even someone who can not tolerate scented forms has them

  • unity - what wedding would be without them?

  • hand dipped - for the perfect personal gift...

  • aromatherapy - let their scent carry you away to exotic places

  • scented soy - for the healthier choices you make in life

  • ball - a new kid or old kid on the block?
Wedding Candle Designs of your Choice

Secrets your Candles forgot to Tell you:

  1. Scented - Some of the earliest scented forms of these lights were used in temples. The scent being made with cinnamon bark. Imagine something so common placed as cinnamon today, probably required quite a lot of work to merge with the wedding candle designs they had back then.

    And the extent to which we have come today? Well you can have just about any scent you can imagine mixed into your personal favorite. Ones that when burnt you will swear someone is cooking something delightfully enticing.

  2. Floating - What is one of the best forms or types for newbies to create? We'll give you somewhat of a hint... it has something to do with this category...

    We know you guessed before you read what we wrote. But anyway, your floating treasures are a great beginner candle. If this would be you, begin thinking of your style of floating votive. The colors... the shape... what you will use for a container...

  3. Votive - Did you know... votives can be placed on a hard fire resistant surface just like regular ones are? They are particularly nice displayed in groups of the same color or in a mixture of colors that match your room's decor.

  4. Pillar - We know pillars come in standard sizes. However, they too can be made any shape or size you choose. If being creative in your designs is something you do... don't forget to make pillars your very own.

    So with your help these can come in attractive designs and provide yet another way to express who you are in your personal collections of them.

  5. Handmade or molded - Looking for a good craft for school graders? Try this kind of craft project out. Let your students sculpt or model their own varieties and let every child create a keepsake to take home.

    Handmade styles mold up just like working with modeling clay. It will help bring out and develop the childrens creative side. Everyone will walk away satisfied.

  6. Taper - Twist tapers together to make a beautiful beeswax style taper. Soft beeswax is sticky and working with it will create a wonderful scented, solid design with unique qualities.

    Even the bees will be jealous of your talent, let alone your friends and family. Getting crafty is easy when you have great ideas to follow.

  7. Unscented - We live in a world today where sometimes it is best, environmentally and socially, to provide better solutions when burning candles. So unscented wedding candle designs are a welcome feature for people with allergies. Always remember others as you burn your favorite.

  8. Unity - Unity selections are featured at the core of most Christian marriage ceremonies these days. A truly beautiful expression of two people's lives coming together.

    Typically two tapers are placed on each side of a pillar candle and the couple light the tapers and then together they light the pillar. Symbolizing the two of them becoming one flesh.

  9. Hand dipped - Quite possibly the oldest method of creating this form of light that there is. What is a dipped style? It is a wick that has been dipped a number of times into wax to form a taper. In other words, so that all these dippings begin to form a thick coating around the wick.

    Dipped designs have an original tapered shape. When handcrafted they are rather beautiful. Actually no factory crafted varieties can out-shine them.

  10. Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy and candles are a perfect mix. Especially designing them with the scent of lavender which is a natural stress reliever. Getting in the tub and lighting some of these assortments will help you relax! Can you picture it? Why not spend a few moments there now? ahhhhh...

  11. Scented soy - Basically a healthy example for incandescent lovers. Why not burn better, healthier varieties? Your family's air quality deserves the best. Right?

    Well at least we hope you value the air you breathe in your home. Would be our wish that all kinds of these light sources were healthy choices for our families. However just like everything else in life, that is not the case. Hopefully as we all become more aware of what is available situations will eventually change. Remember, it will take you and us together to change first. One family at a time.

  12. Ball - So are ball types a new or old idea? Neither... it depends on how you create them. Using old methods they are an old version. Using new ideas you obviously create something new-ish.

Be creative in your approach to any of these wedding candle designs and you will of course win. Be healthy, stay healthy and improvise wherever possible to emerge on the top. Keep lighting your life everywhere with safe, natural choices.

Your Imagination is the only Limit you have with any Wedding Candle Designs.

See your own Wedding Candle
Designs come to Life

Whether you are planning on just accenting areas or making these kinds of light sources your chosen tool for decorating you can generally have what you desire today. If one place does not have what you want keep looking because there are a tremendous amount of ideas out there. You have to simply connect with them.

And, if everything else fails, start improvising and come up with your very own wedding candle designs. Just experiment until what you see is what you desire!

...'til next time, these glimmering light sources deserve you as their owner!

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