Elegant Wedding Candle Lanterns

Wedding Candle Lanterns. Your big day is on its way. You are getting married. All the planning, designs, decorations and guests. Everything to do... So little time...

Along with all the vast assortments of decorations. You will want your candle choices to match the finery of everything else you choose for your wedding. Make sure that if you select great styles and designs throughout that your own taste in candles does not fall short.

Using Wedding Candle Lanterns to Highlight

Crown Jewels Candle Lantern
  • When using candle lanterns it is a great idea not to go overboard. As with other elements you will gather for your wedding, you should never overwork your candle emphasis. In other words less is better than an over abundance.

  • Highlight your displays with wedding candle lanterns in a color you would like to use but are not planning on being the main hue. This will give your overall displays a hint of color and not overwhelm.

  • Find ideas in books and add your own colors, designs and plans. Do not be afraid to shift things around to make those ideas your own. Never be concerned about placing your candle colors where and how you see others using theirs.

  • Use the best lantern candle holder in the most appropriate areas. Especially in the church sanctuaries. Churches really do not want wax everywhere your wedding party was. The best candles and holders will help in keeping delicate areas clean. As well it will lower your overall costs. You will not have to hire anyone to professionally cleanup after you.

  • Consider using electric wax warmers and the various scented waxes in creative ways to lessen even more the possibility of a need for cleanup. These waxes can create such a relaxing, inviting atmosphere on your big day. Anything that will help you relax will be a welcomed relief.

5 Questions to Ask about Wedding Candle Choices

Simple Wedding Candle Lantern
  1. What time of year will your wedding take place? The season will lend itself well for choosing some candle colors. For instance, in spring you could well work in pastels. While in the summer you can stick to more lively selections. For the fall you can select earthy tones. In the winter months whites and iridescent styles come to mind. But all in the end is up to the bride to be.

  2. Where will your wedding be held? Would elegant wedding candle lanterns add or take away from the atmosphere you are trying to create. If the building itself would seem to say you could use another style candle holder then go for it. Always be sure to ask the location's manager what is permitted in the building. Some places do not want the use of candles on site for logical, fire safety reasons.

  3. What time of the day will the wedding be held? If it is in the middle of the afternoon wedding lanterns may not be very effective at all. Whereas in the evening they would be a great addition to your overall theme. Even providing more elegance than if you never had them.

  4. What are the colors and/or styles that the bride prefers? Wherever possible you should work in the bride's tastes and preferences. After all it is her day. If you are a helper or a planner you need her input. Then outfit any planned display working in highlights of her choice in candle colors.

  5. Where will the reception be held? Is there a possibility there for candle displays? Are they permitted or not? You will need to find these questions out as well. 

    For an outdoor reception, you may opt for more casual candle decorations. This is where wedding candle lanterns would come in particularly handy. A totally covered candle display would work well in possibly breezy locations. Helping ease the bride and groom's mind where fire hazards are concerned. You will not want any candle display tipping over.

    The size of a reception or church hall can also determine how many and how large the candle displays can be. Will you be giving these away to guests as keepsakes of the special event?

With Determination Choose the Best Candles for Air Quality

Candle Lantern Wedding Centerpiece

Yours and your guests air quality matters. Never treat it lightly. What you breath is everything. Especially if you have had anything of an emergency situation happen to you or anyone you love. Those moments can be very scary. So if you have prior knowledge to someone attending your wedding with any difficulty. Omit the candles or change them for a better solution. Always think and act as you would want others to.

May your Wedding Day truly be one of fairy tale quality. In all you do make your selected wedding candle lanterns or other choices add to your overall final displayed settings. Candles can add that relaxation factor nothing else can. Keep it pleasant, uplifting and rewarding for all involved on your day of days.

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