Wedding Candle Sticks
Like Your Grandmother Had

Candle Sticks

Wedding candle sticks are about the most familiar holders for weddings that there are. Even with these however there are some imaginative ways you can incorporate to make unique displays.

So with a little splash of color here and some special items you group together you can have wedding displays that others only dream of. Made of wood, glass, metal or porcelain they make the perfect addition to a special candlelit event.

Wedding Candle Sticks or Quiet Evenings at Home?

Great for Heartfulled Weddings and at Home Anytime too

Candlesticks. Arriving at a candlelit dinner you are at once greeted by the flickering lights on display. Whether they are there to convey an intimate dinner for two.

Or in a room of several hundred with the wedding party. The candles set the stage for the entire evening of festivities. Yes candles are mood changers. They can relax and create a fun environment. Not many things on the market today can do that and succeed for the better.

Wedding Candle Sticks first Appearance ..

Your Wedding Candelabra

History of These Simple Holders

These beauties were first used to light our world in former centuries. Most people in the time before gas or electricity would have been literally in the dark. If it was not for these kinds of candle holders. Candles as it were, were some of the only sources of articifial light around.

A Candelabra, as pictured to the left, is a type of candle stick used in Jewish celebrations. Although the ones in Jewish celebrations look very much different than the one pictured.

The name "candlestick" comes from the fact that this kind of candle holder is tall and rather stick-like in appearance. One of the first kinds of candlesticks was the chamberstick. These kinds of candlesticks have a wide pan at the bottom to catch any dripping that occurs from the candle.

The chamberstick was first used to light the way to bed. The base at the bottom safely catching the wax so you would not get your feet burned or worse by dripping wax falling from the candle. Creamware candlesticks were produced in England in the 18th Century and are highly collectible today.

And when did wedding candle sticks show up on the scene? That's anyone's guess as to the exact date. Possibly as soon as someone discovered they were getting married years ago. If it was a night wedding they had to see somehow. So your grandmother may have had candlesticks at her wedding by necessity.

Various Styles of Candle Sticks

Rustic Style Candlesticks

Stick with a Theme for your Wedding

Where these kinds of holders are concerned we can find just about every style, shape and size on the market. However even though there are so many available you should aim at one theme in wedding holders wherever they are displayed.

For Example: The country look can be had by featuring holders that are slightly worn, even with dents and chips to illustrate the mood you are trying to create. And with candles mood is everything. They help enhance any atmosphere wherever they appear.

Turned wooden candlesticks if done with painted and natural finishes help in giving that down-to-earth layout in any wedding room of your choosing.

When using these style holder for special occasions, candles have a way of by simply lighting them, helping you to remember the intimate moments they were a real part of.

Candle Tip

Having difficulty calming down from a stressful day at work? Try lighting candles to change your mood. The calm atmosphere they create is catching. You'll go to bed this night relaxed and ready to sleep. You'll wake ready for the day ahead.

More Wedding Display Ideas

Arranging several holders in groups, along with your own inspirational additions that catch your eye helps to build impact and heighten illumination.

Using these kinds of holders in wedding displays is a favorite in this age as well as in ages of the past. They can be very stylish and attractive and that is why they are used so often.

Candlesticks can be made with wood, glass, metal, porcelain, polymer clay or any other material that lends itself to their creation. Generally they all have that tall distinctive look to them in whatever form you've chosen to purchase or make them.

Some extra reading: Wikipedia - Wedding Candle Sticks

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