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Simple Wedding Crafts. Want to begin making your own wedding accessories such as candles? But do not know if this is truly the step for you? A candle making craft kit will help introduce you to what you will be involved with. In a kit you will find supplies such as: pourers, wax, thermometers, containers and more for your finished candle craft.

Kits themselves could be made up of any of these kinds of waxes plus a few we may not have thought of:

  • soy, 
  • beeswax, 
  • gel, 
  • simple child friendly supplies, 
  • new palm candle waxes 
  • or paraffin.

The Supplies Contained Vary from Kit to Kit

The supplies vary from kit to kit. But they definitely will introduce you to candlemaking in general. Thus allowing you to explore this type of wedding craft and find out if you would like to go further with it.

Candlemaking as with other wedding crafts is a very creative expression of you. One you can while away a few hours enjoying and savoring the relaxing atmosphere. Most hobbies like this help you relax. Candlemaking is no different.

One question worth noting though... Are you so taken with candlemaking that it could possibly become bigger than making just a few candles? Maybe an established winning hobby even after your wedding ceremony and festivities are over?

These are questions you should explore. After all finding a great and relaxing hobby is a real gift. No matter in what stage of life it materializes.

That's where a good candle making kit could come in handy. If you are new to this enterprise. Or, especially if you are considering buying supplies and all the paraphernalia that goes with creating these twinkling wonders. Try a kit first.

Examining your First Kit

A kit is a great way to learn how to make natural wax candles using palm wax for instance. Palm waxes make one of the most unique styles of candle finishes on the market. Palm wax is one of the fastest growing segments of the candle market for natural waxes.

Your kit might include everything you will need to make Wedding Craft Palm Votives

  • 1 pouring pot,

  • 1 thermometer,

  • 1 pound of palm wax,

  • 1 color square,

  • 1 scented square - Aromatherapy scent,

  • 9 wicks,

  • 3 votive cups,

  • instructions.

Some candle making kits even include catalogues for purchasing more supplies if you are interested. Therefore some have even found this a real plus after their candles were make. They could continue creating on an on-going basis if they so desired.

6 Popular types of Candle Kits Available

  1. Soy Kits - These kits are for people who want a high quality, environmentally friendly candle. Soy is one of the top materials for making this kind of light source. Your kit could come too with reusable containers and such. Thus making it an even better purchase. 

  2. Beeswax Kits - The beeswax style kit certainly caters to the do-it-yourselfers. Sporting enough creative supplies to make several adventurous creations. These style kits seem ideal for an afternoon spent creating with your wedding party or special helpers. Hosting plenty of beeswax sheets and no need of using heat makes them super kid friendly. Good for the environment and children. A non-toxic variety of kit on the market today.

  3. Gel Kits - One of the easiest style kits to use. Gel candles have long been one of the simplest forms of candles to craft. Children under supervision can create along with their parents or instructors. However instruct them to wash up after working with these substances. Better still get all students to wear gloves while making these items. Gel style candle wedding crafts could after all be considered somewhat toxic.  

  4. Candle Starter Kits - There are a number of different variety of kits available online that cater to the beginner candle crafter. They contain anywhere from the minimal amount of components to the larger kits. For someone wanting to explore this as a wedding craft but not really sure how far they want to take it, these are ideal. Each kit demonstrates just what you will need if you do go on to pursue greater skill levels. Or even for people researching a business idea or more. 

  5. Economic or Cheap Candle Making Kits - When researching or exploring more economical candle kits, do a search at your favorite search engine. Using the keyword search term of your choice. It will be necessary to filter through all the companies online to find the best value. Good searching techniques are important in finding the best buys. Whether they are for gifts or your wedding you can find good sources in any industry. Candles are no exception.

  6. Wholesale Kits - As you search out wholesale markets for your candle creations it may be inspirational to look into drop shipping. Dropship companies specialize in wholesale materials and products. Some sites to research are Doba, Alibaba and WorldWideBrands. It can take some exploring but if you are wanting a product you can find most anything online today. More and more companies are making their home here. Success is just around the corner for you and your unique wedding crafts.

Well designed and customer endorsed candle making kits are a godsend. To someone who is currently entertaining the idea of candles as a wedding decoration. If you are just thinking, definitely interested or hesitant about the craft or supplies needed. Try a kit to educate yourself with. It may be the beginning of a beautiful and very rewarding relationship.

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