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Create the Sense of a Crackling Fireplace

What are Woodwick Candles?

Burning woodwick candles sound like a crackling fire

These candles are candles created with a wooden wick. This special feature gives the illusion of a crackling fire. The scent of the candle plus this feature create a most relaxing atmosphere as you light and enjoy your special candles with a wood wick. Sit back, relax and visualize this awesome moment. You have the place to yourself. You close your eyes and listen to the fire. Sweet life ... Enjoy!

Woodwick Candles Specialty or Trade Name?

Woodwick Candles the Brand

To state it quite simply, we have found that woodwick candles are a bit of both. They are specialty candles and an unique trade name as well. Candles that have the name woodwick brand name attached to them seem to dominate the marketplace however.

We have found that most people who get these candles love the amazing scents and the allure of the fireplace sounds. Because they genuinely do sound like a burning fire in the background.

Using these kinds of candles in your home will continue the theme of healthier living if you are trying to establish this aspect to your living environment.

The woodwick candles are produced using soy or beeswax or a combo of both. They also use good quality wood from organically produced trees for the wicks.

Seven Ways these Candles are Set Apart

Woodwick candles the style
  1. They seriously recommend a lengthy burn time of hours for certain sizes. If you don't want to burn your candle for hours they suggest smaller sizes. And the "why" of this rule is that these candles actually need the time. Otherwise the next time you burn your candle you will find the wick buried in the wax.

  2. Perfect for unwinding the day's stresses. The aromas and the relaxing fireplace atmosphere they create will have you stress-free in no time. Great if you are trying to create that "get away from it all" evening.

  3. The necessary long burn time actually forces people to slow down and smell the candles. And some of us need to be forced or you know you won't slow down.

  4. If you happen to have chosen the brand name variety over any other kind of woodwick candle they recommend saving and reusing the special candle container. Each of these containers are a special hand-blown glass candle holder. Yes even the containers are somewhat special.

  5. Woodwick candles generally burn cleaner because of all the health conscious efforts put into the making of them.

  6. In some variations they use twice as much fragrance as other candles. Making for a better scent experience over all.

  7. Costs are normal to special candle purchases so for the added benefits and their uniqueness you gain great health values.

The costs can range however anywhere from $5 to $25 to $50 and over depending of course on what exactly you want and are willing to pay for. For some these prices are normal as far as candles are concerned. They pay any price because they happen to want what they want. Period.

Burn Times for Brand Name Wood Wick Candles

  • 1.7 oz. petites = 20 hours
  • 3.4 oz small = 40 hours
  • 10 oz medium = 100 hours
  • 22 oz. large = 180 hours

The following Two Videos give you
The visual Appeal of these Candles. 

Get excited About Something New for you.

Getting familiar with this pleasant style of candle could very well be the highlight of your candle burning experience to date.

Don't you just love getting something new to entertain yourself with? We do. And this could be the "new" you've been looking for. These candles just could put a real spark in your day and genuinely give you something to look forward to each night you plan on burning them.

In Conclusion: Be adventurous in life. This attitude will get you on the road to new experiences. Along the way always be selecting the candles that will most benefit you and your dear family. They deserve the best you can give them as do you. With all the things you need to know about burning, enjoying, relaxing and creating candles it is a great practice to look to industry professionals. But when all else fails go with your heart.

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